one movie a week - Enough Said

I went to see Enough Said last night.  James Gandolfini was really good. Understated, funny, sweet...all those things.  The movie itself was really charming too.

Part of what I enjoyed about the movie was the shots of Los Angeles. There is not much I like better than watching a good movie filmed in L.A. while I'm up in Seattle.  Growing up in Phoenix I visited L.A. almost once year and spent much time in Burbank, Hollywood, and on Catalina Island.  Enough Said was the Los Angeles I know and love.

BTW- This is awesome map is from here.  Thank you Wikipedia.


  1. speaking of la allie....did i hear correctly that you may be moving down here?! ames mentioned something about it. that would be killer!!!!

  2. Hi Allison! It's on our list of possible places to go when Ian finishes school. I would love to be in the same place as you and Amy. That would be amazing!


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