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Featured Artist Monday|Wynne Greenwood

More on Greenwood here .

a wedding

This past weekend we got married in La Jolla at the MCASD. Surprise! It was not quite an elopement but it was a very tiny wedding. I made these embroidered hankies for the guests and this one was my favorite.

Featured Artist Monday|Elizabeth Kley

Aren't these just the dreamiest?  More on Kley here .

North Shore

Living in SD is really all about the surfing.  Not so much for me but you know, it's in the culture here.  It takes me back to one of my favorite movies, North Shore.  I'm not so sure it holds up as much now but this montage has some of the best lines and reminds me how Turtle is definitely the best character.


We went to see the velodrome races the other day at Balboa Park and I loved every bit of it.  This entire experience seemed right out of an 80s movie about Southern California (and definitely made me think of this classic).  These races are weekly throughout summer so I will definitely be returning for more.