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Featured Arist Monday|Tauba Auerbach

I've been seeing these online and well...everywhere lately but I finally saw one in person.  More on Auerbach here .

One Horse Town, PT 1

Not a very good album but an amazing song. 

Sarah Kersten's fermentation jars

I have been going through a small but super fun kimchi making phase in San Diego.  I came across Sarah Kersten's fermentation jars on Quitokeeto and since I am currently unemployed I will not be jumping to buy one of these (yet).  I'll have to stick to my pickle jars and other homemade staples for now.  Here is a link to Kersten's site.   My recipe comes from Wild Fermentation .

midnight requisition

Now that I am living in San Diego I am finding the most amazing plants and flowers during my every day travels. I am mostly moving around the city by bus or bike so it has allowed me to slow down and really take in the colors.  This blog is named after my grandma's term of "borrowing" beautiful flowers under the cover of night.  I hope to return to a little more midnight requisition more through my photography in the coming weeks.

L.A. weekend

I just got back from a quick visit to Los Angeles.  This photo was taken in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel (I keep thinking of The Music Room whenever I see chandeliers).  Los Angeles was wonderfully sunny and warm and I also got to squeeze in a trip to LACMA and a dip in the ocean. 

The Music Room

Last night I watched The Music Room , directed by Satyajit Ray.  I loved it, especially the score.

Do Ho, yes please!

I was wandering around the UCSD campus yesterday and stumbled across this amazing Do Ho Suh piece ("Fallen Star") from the Stuart Collection on top of the engineering department building.  Visitors can take an elevator up to the 7th floor of the building and then head out a scary walkway onto the front yard of the house.  This lady was sitting inside.  I think she was just there to make sure no one bothers the artwork but I like to think of her as a part of the installation.  The house tilts upwards and my fear of heights prevented me from looking out the windows but this piece was truly incredible.  Do ho, you have done it again!

So Cal!!!

Ian and I just moved down to San Diego.  So Cal readers, please send me your recommendations!  This photo is of the Ed Ruscha piece on the MCASD La Jolla.