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Back from Arizona

I just made it back from a two week vacation to Arizona. As Ian calls it, it was a real "circle of life" trip.  I got a chance to see old friends and deal with some more difficult situations as well. Arizona shined very bright on this trip.  I traveled to Tucson, Aravaipa Canyon, Sedona, Arcosanti (last picture from the series above), and ended up in Phoenix for the wedding and baby shower of two of my best friends.

experiments with digitization

I started playing around with an open source version of Photoshop and am experimenting with digitizing some of my embroidery work. While I love working with my hands, it has taken a toll on my wrists and arms lately so I'm looking for new ways to approach my practice.  I have also starting making my own fabric designs.  More to come on that one soon, stay tuned!

gila monsters and a trip to AZ

I am off to Arizona next week for a visit to family, a wedding, and a baby shower.  There is lots going on in 2014!  Side note, I'm hoping for a gila monster sighting, preferably from a distance.

Featured Artist Monday|Kate Gilmore

rainy days

It's been pouring in San Diego these days.  Time to stay in and listen to Buffy St. Marie and Crystal Gayle.