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two day art residency

I got a chance to crash my good friend Julia's art residency at Centrum in Port Townsend last week.  I am calling it my two day art residency.  My wonderful blog readers know I am a fan of Port Townsend and this second visit did not disappoint.  Photos of the new work to come soon.

Featured Artist Monday|Gala Bent

I recently saw Gala Bent's show at G. Gibson gallery and loved this new work, specifically this piece, so I was thrilled she received the City Arts Art Walk award along with two other ladies who I greatly admire.  More on Gala's work here. Go Gala!

Write More Letters

Click here for more info on a great letterpress project by my friend Lyndsey encouraging people to "write more letters."

Gravity in 3D is so Captain EO

I saw Gravity in 3D last night and kinda loved it.  There were certainly some cheeseball moments but it was a stunning film.

And why the Captain EO video?  Well, you'll need to draw your own conclusion on that one but I am happy to jump at the chance to reference this little marvel whenever possible.

no more shampoo?

After a rather annoying day I would like to take a moment to reflect on something fun.  I recently tried this method of washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar from the How to Hair Girl website.  It's pretty genius, cheep, and low effort.  If you check out the site there are lots of good braiding tips too.

not titled yet


one movie a week - Enough Said

I went to see Enough Said last night.  James Gandolfini was really good. Understated, funny, sweet...all those things.  The movie itself was really charming too.

Part of what I enjoyed about the movie was the shots of Los Angeles. There is not much I like better than watching a good movie filmed in L.A. while I'm up in Seattle.  Growing up in Phoenix I visited L.A. almost once year and spent much time in Burbank, Hollywood, and on Catalina Island.  Enough Said was the Los Angeles I know and love.

BTW- This is awesome map is from here.  Thank you Wikipedia.

Daniel Mullikin

Breach from Alicia on Vimeo.

My intro to dance class (which is not pictured above) had live music last night by Daniel Mullikin.  We were in the middle of a ballet unit and the music was beautiful.  Could I have a situation with live music accompaniment everyday please??