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Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2014!

non-nutritive cereal varnish

Genius line John Hughes. Genius.

Los Angeles

Usually, I am pretty much all about Kim Deal.  I heard this song on the radio yesterday which reminded me there was a time that I was super into this album.  So ok, Frank Black, you get some credit too.

Nur das Fax, Mam. Nur das Fax

Ok, so I haven't quite kept up with my movie a week plan.  I think we've hit a bit of a dry spell with new releases.  I am pretty excited to see Dallas Buyers Club so I will be reporting back on that soon.

In the meantime, I have decided to watch the first three Die Hard movies after catching a bit of Die Hard 2: Die Harder the other day on TV.  I am happy to spend some time with ol'Bruce and William Atherton.

two day art residency

I got a chance to crash my good friend Julia's art residency at Centrum in Port Townsend last week.  I am calling it my two day art residency.  My wonderful blog readers know I am a fan of Port Townsend and this second visit did not disappoint.  Photos of the new work to come soon.

Featured Artist Monday|Gala Bent

I recently saw Gala Bent's show at G. Gibson gallery and loved this new work, specifically this piece, so I was thrilled she received the City Arts Art Walk award along with two other ladies who I greatly admire.  More on Gala's work here. Go Gala!

Write More Letters

Click here for more info on a great letterpress project by my friend Lyndsey encouraging people to "write more letters."

Gravity in 3D is so Captain EO

I saw Gravity in 3D last night and kinda loved it.  There were certainly some cheeseball moments but it was a stunning film.

And why the Captain EO video?  Well, you'll need to draw your own conclusion on that one but I am happy to jump at the chance to reference this little marvel whenever possible.

no more shampoo?

After a rather annoying day I would like to take a moment to reflect on something fun.  I recently tried this method of washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar from the How to Hair Girl website.  It's pretty genius, cheep, and low effort.  If you check out the site there are lots of good braiding tips too.

not titled yet


one movie a week - Enough Said

I went to see Enough Said last night.  James Gandolfini was really good. Understated, funny, sweet...all those things.  The movie itself was really charming too.

Part of what I enjoyed about the movie was the shots of Los Angeles. There is not much I like better than watching a good movie filmed in L.A. while I'm up in Seattle.  Growing up in Phoenix I visited L.A. almost once year and spent much time in Burbank, Hollywood, and on Catalina Island.  Enough Said was the Los Angeles I know and love.

BTW- This is awesome map is from here.  Thank you Wikipedia.

Daniel Mullikin

Breach from Alicia on Vimeo.

My intro to dance class (which is not pictured above) had live music last night by Daniel Mullikin.  We were in the middle of a ballet unit and the music was beautiful.  Could I have a situation with live music accompaniment everyday please??



Guanajuato, 2013


one movie a week - Drinking Buddies

This fall/winter I am going to try to see one movie in the theaters each week.  Ideally they will all be good, written or directed by a woman, and have a strong female lead (I'll also settle for two out of three).  So far I've seen Blue Jasmine, 20 Feet From Stardom, In A World, and last night I saw Drinking Buddies.  I'm going to try to highlight something on Midnight Requisition about each movie. Drinking Buddies exceeded my expectations.  Olivia Wilde was a great, complex character and it had a scene with this song by Sybille Baier which was great because it reminded me how my I like her music.

Please send any suggestions you have my way.  I'm hoping to see Enough Said next week.

Featured Artist Monday| Kimberly Trowbridge

Trowbridge knocks it out of the park at Blindfold Gallery this month.  I am in love with this show and the textiles are a great addition to her paintings and installations.

Seattle Grumpy Cats

My first cat video.

Happy Wednesday

September issue spider trap







i now love montana


Featured Artist Monday|Catherine Opie

sculpture study


Featured Artist Monday|Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

More on Yiadom-Boakye here.

Walla Walla


Port Townsend

These are all photos from my recent trip to Port Townsend, also known as my new favorite place in Washington state.  We stayed here and I loved it!  

Featured Artist Monday|Narelle Jubelin

More on Jubelin here.

Featured Artist Monday| Mickalene Thomas

And a video studio visit with Thomas here.

Diana Ross

This is what I'm watching tonight, so good!!!

portland roses

Here are some photos from my trip to Portland last weekend.  This was my best trip to the rose garden yet!

Featured Artist Monday|Yolanda Lopez

More on Lopez and her work here.

to all the dads

I found this on the ground this morning, on a day which also happens to be Father's Day.  My dad is really wonderful and I am thankful to have a dad who is so encouraging, kind, and supportive.  I also got to thinking today about all my friends who are or are about to become dads and I hope that they also feel equally celebrated. Happy Father's Day y'all!


There is so much that is good about this.

smoke farm trip

Here's a panorama from a recent trip to Smoke Farm with my fellow weaving collaborators (it looks tiny but click on it for a better view).  Here's a link to event tickets.  Get them while you can!

memorial day weekend, 2013

I went clamming with Ian and friends this weekend and watched Blow Out, which was ridiculously good.  Brian De Palma wasn't messing around with that one.

works in progress

The top pieces are for some work I'm creating for a show at Prism curated by the multi-talented Serrah Russell and the bottom piece is a Bon Jovi commission (well...not for Bon Jovi but you get the idea).

White Nights

Have any readers seen this movie?  Judging by this sequence I would say it must be the best movie ever.

working with text

I've started to work with text again, a little bit.  This is from 2012 but more text is on it's way in 2013.

Featured Artist Monday|Mari Andrews

More on Andrews here.

space pants, ian's couch, and electronic sea battle


embroider with me next week

I am teaching a free embroidery workshop at Velouria in Ballard from 6-8 on Wednesday, May 15th.  Come on by!  Supplies and snacks will be provided.

Photo credit: Velouria

dance lessons

I just started my first dance class tonight at Velocity. I think repeat viewings of this MJ Thriller video really influenced my interest in dance, or at least choreography, so it only seems natural to link the two together.  For the most part I am happy to be a dance spectator but it is surprising how fun it is actually to give dancing a shot.

Yakima hike rattlesnake sighting!

I took this photo yesterday on a hike outside of Yakima.  About ten minutes later we saw a small, yet very intimidating rattlesnake on the trail.  He was very pissed but eventually grew bored of us and retreated back into the desert.

Arizona, Spring 2013