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Affordable Art Fair, November 8-11

The Affordable Art Fair is happening next week in Seattle from November 8-11 and if there is one that I love it is some good ol' affordable art!  I'm usually one to trade or collect on the cheap so it will be interesting to see a line up of local and regional galleries all exhibiting in Seattle over the weekend.

Here's a full list of exhibitors and I'm looking forward to seeing the selection of PDX Contemporary, M.I.A. Gallery, and of course SEASON.

*The image pictured is Claire Cowie's, The Grate, from 2011 (James Harris Gallery).

Featured Artist Monday| Merrily Tompkins

Plus a video of her work here.

City Arts Fest images

Here are images from my recent collaboration with Ian for the City Arts Fest.  Many thanks to Sierra and the City Arts crew.  It was awesome to be a part of the show and also to experiment with some costuming and sculpture.

featured artist monday|natalia goncharova

Now that costume design is on my mind I was struck by this piece by the painter goncharova.  More on her costumes and art.

City Arts Fest

Ian and I collaborated on an installation for the City Arts Fest Culture Club in Seattle next week.  I have been wanting to branch out into costuming and this was a great chance to both work with Ian and experiment with some new styles.  Thanks to the City Arts folks for hooking us up with this gig!

box of rain

This is my song of the week.  Please excuse the live version, however, I think this version is probably more appropriate to hear/watch when thinking of the Grateful Dead.

featured artist monday|sherry levine (!)

I just saw that this piece is at Elles:SAM!  Levine is one of my favorites and this piece is extra awesome in person.  This view is a little obstructed so you'll have to go see it at SAM.

Declarative Sentences at Punch

I am in a group show at Punch gallery that opens this Thursday in Seattle. Ries Niemi  and Mackenzie Boetes are the other artists in the show. I am super excited with how the whole show turned out.